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We live in a culture of now. More and more things are available at our fingertips instantly. We often expect amazing results after just a few weeks of effort. This quest for quick upgrades is on par with the rest of our speeding culture. Even coaches can fall into the trap of getting frustrated when performance change doesn’t happen quick enough.

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Jamie Hofstadter

"Twelve years ago, a bout of insomnia brought me to yoga. I picked up a book called Beginning Yoga, by Vijayendra Pratap, and reviewed all the “calming” poses—and remarkably, within two days I was sleeping! One year later, I moved to Seattle, where I met inspiring and captivating teachers. One day, I thought, I too could teach. But I also realized that I had been practicing for only two years and could not do all of the poses. Nor did I know any of the Sanskrit names. It wasn’t enough. Fortunately my partner gently reminded me that no matter how much I still had to learn, I was deeply in love with yoga. I am forever grateful to him for nudging me onward."

Annie Hofstadter

"Being in the front of the room does not mean that I’m the only one with yoga experience. In my first year of teaching, a pregnant woman came to my class. I studied everything I could about prenatal yoga, and soon I was micromanaging her poses. I told her to lie on her side for savasana, even though she slept on her back and did traditional savasana during her first pregnancy. She eventually stopped coming to class. I soon realized the limits of my “expertise.” She was the expert on her body, her pregnancy, and her practice. Now, when someone comes to class with a special situation, I ask more questions. I might say that I’m not sure how I can help, but that we can work together to figure it out."

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